The Committee

Directors and Officers for 2022

At the Annual General Meeting which was held in
November 2021 the following Directors and Officers were elected.



Honorary President / Chairman
Victor Andrews
Company Governance; Chair Meetings; Set
Agendas; Representation of Club; Public Image
Gerard Leahy
Compliance under Companies Acts; Controls;
Statutory Returns; Arrange Meetings; Call AGM
Events Director
Vacant at present
WestRun; Other Runs and Events;
Membership Director
Michael Spellman
New Members; Renewals; Update Lists;
Membership Cards; Recruitment
Finance Director
Kevin Mullan
Accounts – monthly & annual; Administration;
Funding; Payments; Charity Projects
Communications Director
Mark Rodgers
Newsletter; Flyers; Website, Notifications;
Press and Media Coverage; Networking
Technical Director
David Fennell
WestRun; Other Runs and Events;
Bill Fennell, John Keane, 
and Donal Shanaghy
Attend Meetings, Offer Support to Directors



Honorary Life Members:  Phil Denson, Bill Fennell, Marie Darcy, John Walsh, Des Kavanagh