NCT Regulations for Vintage Cars

Note: This refers to the current rules. There are proposed changes to this. See here

The following information which we have received from the RSA will be of particular interest to members and all vintage car enthusiasts.
SI No 567 of 2009 Road Traffic (National Car Test) Regulations

Cars first registered prior to 1st January 1980 are NOT subject to testing.
Cars over 10 years old and first registered after 1st January 1980 must now be tested  EVERY YEAR. This came into effect on 1st June 2011.
Vintage cars used for hire or reward (a small public service vehicle—SPSV) must be tested EVERY YEAR regardless of its age.
Note:  Date of first registration means the date the vehicle was first registered, regardless of what country that was in.

So, basically if your car is younger than 1979, you must have it tested every year. The rolling 30 year exemption is now finished.  This came into effect in 2011.


Motor Tax: Annual Motor Tax for private cars 30 years and older is currently €56 regardless of engine capacity.